Midnight at the Oasis, Send Your Amber to Bed

Last night Phil and I went to hear his friend's band play (and Patrick showed up which was nice because I am, apparently, very attached to him and get upset if I don't see him every few days. who knew?) Anyway, I haven't been drinking in a while, because it seems like there has been, in my group of friends, a mass decision to not drink and I just kind of went along with it.

It's like peer pressure, except the other way.

I had two beers and got drunk. Like, not stand-on-the-chair-and-sing drunk, but definitely weave-when-you-walk, giggle-at-everything drunk. I also dumped a ton of salt on the table, but if you want to know how that one happened, don't ask me.

Byron came home drunk from him and Butch's boy's poker night (oh, wait, I'm sorry, man's poker night; Butch gets very offended if I call him a boy) and this morning he was hung over so he's working from home, which isn’t so bad, except he’s working in his underwear.

This has a good side, though: he made breakfast. But not just any breakfast; buttery breakfast rolls, scrambled eggs and extra greasy bacon. He also made me coffee. So, I started this morning with about four zillion calories... and I still don't have a job to go burn them off, so I think I might have to go running today, right after I finish scanning the newspaper for employment.