Blabbing About Ladders

Dear World,

I quit dentistry. I can't take working in small places with crazy people, and dentists are crazy. The ones who aren't are the ones who don't want to be dentists in the first place, and who wants to work for someone doing something they don't really want to do?

Furthermore, I hate working everyday. Correction: I hate GOING to work for someone else everyday. I want to be my own boss; I should freelance or start a business.

I have an independent spirit in me, and I blame homeschooling. I want to go visit the beach if it's nice out and not have to explain to a boss that I really am sick when I am (or try to sound sick when I'm faking!)

And I want to be proud. In the same way people own homes rather than rent, I want to work to bring myself up a ladder. I want to work everyday and be a little ahead of where I was yesterday. I want to climb a ladder I build myself.

Now the Hard Part:

Where do I get ladder-making tools?
What does a ladder look like?
Where do I get ladder-building instructions?