Adventures In the Middle of Nowhere

Hello, and welcome to my first out of state post!

The ride out here was fun and mostly uneventful, it was me and Byron, Rachel his cousing and, some old guy in the car with us. He was Byron's friend's dad and needed a ride to Ohio, so he came along. He was pretty cool. When we crossed the line to Ohio, I said "oh, I've never been this far west before!"

He told me not to expect much.

Byron's parents are nice, and his dad is a trip. I was sitting on their couch and got chilly, so his mother offered me an afgahn. His father said "you can come sit on my lap, I'll keep you warm!"

Today we went to Byron's friend's house; it's huge. They have three kids, ages three to born 9 days ago. Rachel and I cooed a lot, and we hung out with them all morning. It was really relaxing to be there.

Byron is a saint; he tried to teach me how to drive stick, and I made his car stall about three billion times. I understand how to do it, sort of, but I'm not smooth enough. Byron's not very smooth with the ladies, but he can drive a stick.

Currently, Byron and Ed are making fun of me for saying "How hard can it be?" this morning. We're staying with Ed, and it's funny because he's a volunteer firefighter/EMT worker, so we'll be in the middle of a conversation and something will beep really loud from his kitchen (I haven't found what actually makes the noise), and he'll fly out of the house. It's so dramatic!

Tomorrow is the bris, and even though I've seen gross, complicated molar extractions, I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about watching skin removed from... ok, I'll stop. You get the idea.

Maybe I'll shut my eyes.