February Recap

I'm about to leave for this job on Park Ave... I've decided that there is something in my gut telling me to stick it out, at least for a few more days.

My new life lesson is trusting my gut.

This was a fun month. I made a new friend (Serge!) and we learned Elsha (nee Najla) can't drive in the snow! (In case you were wondering why there were no open mic pictures on Thursday; Byron and I had to go rescue her Texan ass from a snow bank). Phil and I bonded over the fact we are, basically, the same sort of dork. Case in point: we went to some jazz club in the East Village on Saturday. The band was good, really good, but the best live music we heard was in the Times Square subway; some guy was banging his heart out on pots and pans. Oh, yeah, he also drove in the wrong direction on I-84 for about 45 minutes trying to get us home. I would have given him hell, but 1. I was in the car and could have noticed and didn't and 2. I wouldn't put it past myself to do the exact same thing.

March is coming. You know what that means.