What a Month!

I was hoping for a more mellow year than 2004 was, but if January is any indication, it's going to be a wild one. There was so MUCH going on: with jobs, with guys, with friends.

This is my January '05 in music.

1. They Jem
2. Burnoff The Mobius Band
3. Sing for Absolution Muse
4. 20 Minutes Blatt is the New Black*
5. Liar Rollins Band
6. Mr. Brightside The Killers
7. Lithium Nirvana
8. Where Is My Mind Pixies
9. Volcano Damien Rice
10. Tender Blur
11. Ka-Boom Dark Lotus
12. The Next Time I See You, I'll Break Your Nose Again Amber S.**
13. Stranger Presidents of the United States of America

Bonus Track: Happy Birthday to Yao!
"Hidden" Track: Save Tonight Eagle Eye Cherry

*unsigned college band.
**me! (duh.) If I'm ever famous, I'm going by "Amber S."