Girl in the City

I'm on the train right now, writing on paper. I'll have to type this out later.

I had my big city interview today. Very exciting. Last night I went over to Rob's and whined about how nervous I was. I guess I wasn't so much nervous about the actual interview so much as what it represented: me moving on with my life. I'm so nervous. Can I actually do this?

I'll probably laugh two years from now about how dumb I was. Although, I do try not to make fun of the Ambers of the past. All of the people that were me before helped make me who I am now, and will combine with who I am now to make who I will be when I'm at my greatest. (All the Ambers that ever were and ever will be...). Make sense?

The day was mundane at best, with highlights and lowlights.


The mariachi band on the subway. Actually ON the 6 train! I got on it at 42nd street (Grand Central) and accidentally started going downtown instead of up. I only went down one stop before I realized, so I couldn't fiesta with them long. I was loathe to leave them; I danced around with the maraca man! (No one else did. Snobby Manhattanites).

The c. 40 year old man singing Italian opera. He was amazing, just like someone from Carnegie Hall. I imagined, coming down the steps and hearing him, a fat Italian tenor in a tuxedo... but he was just in a sweat suit with a key board. And Japanese, which took me by surprise. That's New York! I love it! I gave him a dollar.

The four college age girls and their amusing banter in the bathroom at Grand Central.
"Oh my god! I can't wait to go to Macy's. There gonna have, like, sales like woah!"
"Yeah, my mom gave me her credit card? So I'm gonna, like, buy a whole bunch of stuff? and she's gonna, like, kill me? but whatever! I deserve it!"
There was excessive lip gloss application and they all smelled like "baby prostitutes".

Peeking into the StoryCorps booth. Ever since I heard about it on NPR I've wanted to go see it. There was a mom and son having what looked like a really sweet conversation. I took a picture of the booth itself, but I really wanted to take a picture of them. I felt it would be too invasive, though. If you ever go to Grand Central, it's by track #17. Jen, I'm dragging you in there one day. For posterity, you know.


The interview itself. I don't think it really went too well. I didn't like the dentist that much; he was sort of "smarmy". And the office had a bunch of snobby people in it... I'll keep looking. This is not going to be that easy, I guess. Ah well. Ever onward!