I Squished a Cat

The cat was obviously a pet; it was white and clean (with cute black dots). Sitting to the side of the exit ramp, on the grassy part, it was fine, totally safe! When it saw my car coming, it must have thought it was in the way because it ran to what must have looked like safety... right under my tires.

I swore a lot. Poor Gus was in the car with me, and got an earful, which I felt bad about after (but whatever! Mom lets him watch movies I was never allowed to see! Movies with sex, and killing! He's so her favorite, and i don't care what she tells me! But I digress.)

I gripped the wheel and hit the brakes. I was trying not to brake too hard and loose control, but still stop in time. When I tightened my fists around the steering wheel, I gouged out a piece of skin from my knuckle, which hurt like... oh, I dunno. A lot. So now I've just killed someone's kitty and I'm bleeding all over the place, with, I imagine, cat goo all over my car. (I didn't really want to look.) Gus patted me on the shoulder and told me I was ok, but I felt like a big putz.

If you happen to live in the Trumbull area and are missing a white cat with black spots, you're not gonna find it.

P.S. Maybe you really are supposed to say "Rabbit" three times instead of two?