Not so Bubbly

So, I'm not bubbly enough to hostess at Centro's; the manager told me as much. No kidding. She said I was nice, but I'm not into greeting the customers like they want me to (I called them "guys" instead of "folks", and I don't smile enough). I think my main problem was, honestly, that I couldn't shake the feeling that the job was "beneath" me, which I felt snotty about, but still. It totally was; I'm used to taking people's lives in my hands several times a day, and to go from that to seating them and saying "enjoy your dinner" is a huge dip in responsibility.

God, I'm arrogant.

It's ok. It's way too hard to be "cute" all the time, and happy, and ass-kissy. I'm just NOT that person. Just as well.

The novel is going well. I didn't have too much time to write today because I slept until 2, but I wrote a little. It's harder than I thought it would be, and I'm stuck with three different directions for the story to go in. I'm all pensive right now.