Thus Far

Things I've learned thus far in 2004:

If work makes you cry, you should and can walk out...everything else will fall into place (Big, important lesson). Glamour magazine has an amazing staff. Amature photographers are generally shifty and unreliable people. Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to marry them, or continue to date them. Car insurance agents help you find a better price. Always do a trial make up run with the bride. I don't like fake nails. Matt Hayes is always right. Periodontists are excellent folks. I hate driving to Stamford. Just because someone says "I love you" doesn't mean they mean it. (another big, important lesson). Beware the dust buffalo behind the entertainment center. My car is tougher than it looks. Gus will kick your ass in pool. I will not. Jen doesn't like her eyebrows too thin. Don't leave your dad at the DMV. When your best friend gets married, it will mess with your head. I don't like guys who are less confident than I am. Friends are everywhere. Opportunities to dance are everywhere. Ikea rocks. Four interviews in one day is too many. Just because you SAID you'd always be friends doesn't mean you will be. I like going to live music events alone. You don't actually have to pay parking tickets. Getting the flu SUCKS. Always call to confirm. If you get bit on the thigh, it's not a good first date. I love backgammon. Stalking is not just for phychos anymore. Just because an interview goes really, really well does not mean you are going to get the job. I can't drink a lot. Emily will always still talk to me. S'mores are wonderful, and can easily be considered dinner. Actresses, like the photographers, are flaky people, but Patrick will make a movie one day anyway. Don't fall in like with musicians...and it's never "JUST" a renumerating dinner. Susan will never let me take my bra off in a bar, and is therefore a good drinking buddy. Republicans named Frank should be avoided. My mother picks up weird, pot-smoking girls in liquor stores for me to be friends with. Llamas will sneeze in your face as a birthday present. I cannot live without my iPod. Boys don't own washcloths. I am pretty good at Texas Hold 'em. Brad Weinstein is a god. AAA is very useful. Flirting gets you out of tickets. No matter how old you are, your parents having a fight will still make you cry. Getting an apartment is tougher than it looks. Dress fittings are stressful. Byron can't decorate to save his life. Mellisa is stunningly similar to me. Bad "Happy Birthday" is still the best way to do it. Mechanics WILL make fun of you if you have a duck glued to your car. Everyone I love is a little insane.