Heartbreak at 57

So after working Monday and Tuesday, I had two days off, which I spent almost exclusively with Robert. We putzed around a lot (ah, we did something productive; we painted shelves for his apartment). Emily and I are looking at the apartment above Sarah's. We thought about it a while ago, but then I never moved on it, and it's still open. I'm going to try to talk the landlord down in rent because with the price of gas (which heats this particular apartment), $1000 a month is going to be steep. If I can, then I am a super cool bargainer.

I like my new job, everyone is super nice, so maybe I'll deal with less bullshit than before.

I went to dinner with my father, and by father I mean Toby which was interesting. His girlfriend of 17 years broke up with him, and I felt bad for him. He was kind of distraut. It doesn't get easier, apparently, as he is 57 years old and still upset his girlfriend and he have split. Hopefully they'll get back together.

In other "old people in love" news, Grandma and Joe are in the kitchen. He took my parking spot the other day, and he grills on the grill. It irritates me. I'm sort of used to being the "man of the house". It's bizzare the way I feel.