Distorted Reality Complex

Tomorrow is another day of work. Grumble. I should be grateful...I have a good job. Grumble, anyhow.

I shopped all weekend and got clothes, which I needed, and some other stuff. I went to Costco, too, and got a laundry detergent tub so huge, it'll be washing my clothes until 2007. Walking into Costco, you get the DRC...distorted reality complex. In this DRC state, you really belive you need 20 pounds of peanuts and four gallons of ketchup. I came away with some nice soap (6 bars for six bucks) and the detergent. It actually weighs 32 pounds (the label says so)! Nothing more exciting here. Jen's wedding is 20 days from now. My ring finger is naked. Still. It's ok. *sigh*