Kung Foo Fighting

Ah, so s'mores were had, yesterday. Tom came up to the camper, and we melted beer bottles in the fire with my dad. Exciting stuff. Tom took me home. My parent's neighbors drove me up there. They are both round and jolly people. Jerry and Peggy have been married two years, second marriage for both. I assumed they had been married longer, because they were older, but then they didn't act like they had been married a long time. It's weird how you can tell things about people sometimes. For instance, I saw a woman yesterday, and she had a haircut that I immediately picked out as a "first time mom" sort of haircut. I guessed she had a baby that was about to or just had learned how to walk, and that it was her only one. And you know what? I was right. (In case you are wondering, she had short, layered blond highlighted hair, she was sort of heavy and dressed in big clothes). I either have a gift, or I'm judgemental.

My friend Wayne and I went to the park yesterday afternoon and watched a dad teach his daughter how to ride a bike. She bit it big time, right into a bush. She finally caught on, though. I tried to make friends with a goose, but he was too moody (dumb old goose). Tom has the coolest mix CD in his car, and now I have Kung Foo Fighting and Phillidephia Freedom stuck in my head. I'm off to hang up fliers. My latest business venture is to offer my services as a moving assistant. I guess most people have friends who will do it for free, but in case anyone doesn't have friends, I will get paid to help them move. If you've read this far you seriously need to consider finding a life. Just kidding. Maybe.